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Resellers & Affiliates

Make money from home, residual income!

Two ways to make money with web hosting!

Become a Reseller:

As a reseller you receive up to 43% off our retail prices for our shared hosted plans. You can then turn around and sell them for whatever price you'd like. Using our online system, once you create an account for your clients, it's instantly and automatically created on our cPanel hosted you're up and running immediately!

The retail value of our Budget Plan is $7.95/mo and the Professional Plan is $14.95/mo. As a reseller, you get the Budget Plan for $4.50/mo (43% OFF!) and the Professional Plan for $9.50 (36% OFF!).

Becoming a reseller is easy, either have more than 10 clients with us, or pay the reseller fee of $49.95 per month (until you have more than 10 clients with us).

Click here to sign up as a Reseller.

Become an Affiliate:

Clients with more than 10 accounts are considered resellers. All accounts over 10 are billed as follows: The Budget Plan is billed at $4.50 a month, and our Pro Plan billed at $9.50 per month. If you're interested in becoming a reseller, send a request to resellers @

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