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4.9.9 is now available.


Purpose of the script

The SimpleMail Program is a web interfaced mail manager script that allows the visitors on your web site to leave their name and email address so they may be notified when you update your web site or send out a newsletter. SimpleMail supports unlimited number of mailing lists. Setup of lists and messages are all done right from your control panel. Schedule future mailing dates. Simplemail can be configured for email based subscribe and unsubscribe as well, so your not limited to a form based subscribe/unsubscribe method only.

SimpleMail provides a way to compose a personalized message to send to your list right from the web browser as well as a way to maintain the list being generated.


  • Inline html that can be inserted into any web page for your visitors to subscribe/unsubscribe.
  • Email based subscribe or unsubscribe feature included.
  • Single non confirmed or Double subscriber confirmed Optin feature.
  • Optout log manager, this allows you to respect the subscribers right to optout and stay opted out.
  • SimpleMail supports multiple email lists. All managed right from your control panel.
  • Send a test message to yourself before sending to your subscribers.
  • SimpleMail will allow you to schedule mailings in advance upto 3 years.
  • Save your messages for sending again at some future date.
  • Web Based Control Panel for sending your messages to your list and managing the email addresses.
  • Manage your subscribe and unsubscribe and footer messages from the control panel, different messages for each list. Different admin email address and name for each list.
  • List roll back function (Undo), which allows you to restore the previously saved list.
  • Email bounce capturing, this feature allows you to manage bounced email addresses so you can remove them from your lists.
  • Emails a status report to the administrator upon completion of mailing.
  • SimpleMail will automatically alphabetize and remove duplicate email addresses.
  • Easy to add and remove multiple email addresses at once.
  • Handy email search function built in.
  • Supports both SMTP as well as the conventional Sendmail connections.
  • Does not tie up the web browser when sending a message to your list.
  • Each message is sent with an encrypted unsubscribe link for privacy and security.
  • Will not allow duplicate subscriptions.
  • SimpleMail logs all events, such as subscribes and unsubscribes and more.
  • Configurable MetaCharacter conversion table.
  • Configurable mailserver batch control, size and time adjustable.
  • Supports HTMLized email messages.
  • Sends personalized email messages greeting the subscriber by name.
  • Built in Request Receipt option.
  • Built in easy to manage reject list for controlling who subscribes.
  • SimpleMail will handle multiple message sends without loading down the server.
SimpleMail, Powerful but easy to use!

Operation of this script and how to use it.

When a user visits your site they simply put their name and email address in the box and select a list to join and submit it. They can subscribe or unsubscribe from this location. Or send an email to a specified address and subscribe and unsubscribe this way too. The SimpleMail program also provides a configurable Unsubscribed footer message and hyperlink to unsubscribe right from the email message they receive itself, the link uses an encrypted email address layout for security and privacy. Other features are configurable subscribe and unsubscribe messages that the visitor would receive upon either action. Also SimpleMail can be configured to notify you when a visitor subscribes or unsubscribes.

The admin side functions as follows.
You simply login to your simplemail program to either compose a message or manage your lists. The search function comes in handy for seeking out an email address from large lists. SimpleMail will also alphabetize your email list and remove any duplicates automatically. The SimpleMail program also will allow you to send HTMLized messages and also the ability to send a request receipt. SimpleMail does not tie up your web browser when you mail a message to your list. SimpleMail is built with the ability to reject certain email addresses and or domains and is completely configurable right in the manager control panel. SimpleMail also has the ability for you to compose a number of messages one right after other, SimpleMail will go to work and send your first message and then go right to work on the next until it is done. If you like to go on vacation but are tied to your ezine? SimpleMail will allow you to schedule mailing events in advance and upto 3 years. SimpleMail can send personalized messages greeting the subscriber by name. And finally, SimpleMail has a very intuitive help screen to explain the overall operation of the program.

Take a look at the Demo and if you like what you see, grab a copy of it for yourself.

Requirements: Runs under the UNIX/Linux enviroment, Requires a mailer daemon like Sendmail, Perl 5.6 or later and a module called Net::SMTP to be installed and access to the servers crontab. The configuration instructions are provided in the file provided with your SimpleMail zip file.

OIL (Opt-In Lightning) users, you can now export your list over to SimpleMail. Download conversion script here.

Crontab not available? download this script HERE. This little script will allow SimpleMail to function on those sites where the host provider does not provide crontab access for their users.

SimpleMail Conversion Utility.  SimpleMail is configured to support the following formats by default. (Full name, email address) or (email address) one subscriber per line. SimpleMail will work with these two formats simultaneously and no conversion is needed.  Should your list not be in the above mentioned format, you can use this utility to convert your list to the SimpleMail format.

Thats it to the script. Enjoy its use and feel free to let others know about it.

Download the SimpleMail Program right here

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